Do Hummingbirds Like Marigold Flowers - Discover All You Need To Know

Do Hummingbirds Like Marigolds? Discover All You Need To Know

Many plants will come to mind when planning a garden to attract hummingbirds, plants such as marigold flowers. However, many wonder, do hummingbirds like marigolds?  With their bright, warm colours and reputation for being easy to grow, marigolds may seem like an obvious choice.  However,

Does Peppermint Oil Keep Bees Away from Hummingbird Feeders - Custom dimensions 1200x800 px

Does Peppermint Oil Keep Bees Away from Hummingbird Feeders?

As a lover of hummingbirds, it’s frustrating when bees swarm your feeders, scaring away the tiny birds – hummingbirds. You’ve probably heard peppermint oil might repel bees from hummingbird feeders. Let’s find out if that’s a good solution to bring hummingbirds back to your feeder

Did You Know - Darting Flight Aids Hummingbird Foraging

Did You Know: Darting Flight Aids Hummingbird Foraging

Hummingbirds are a blur of motion as they dart from flower to flower, probing blossoms with their slender beaks. This distinctive flight style serves an important purpose – it enables efficient nectar feeding to power their dizzying aerial feats! In this blog, we’ll explore how

Ever Wondered Why Nectar Is Hummingbird's Main Food Source - Custom dimensions 1200x800 px

Ever Wondered Why Nectar Is Hummingbird’s Main Food Source?

Hummingbirds have an insatiable appetite for sugary nectar. You’ll often spot their long, slender beaks plunged deep into brightly colored tubular flowers as they lap up this sweet liquid fuel. But why is nectar so vital to powering hummingbirds’ dizzying array of aerial skills? In

Did You Know - Hovering Lets Hummingbirds Feed Mid-Air - Custom dimensions 1200x800 px

Did You Know: Hovering Lets Hummingbirds Feed Mid-Air

Hummingbirds are truly astonishing birds. Their ability to hover in mid-air allows them to perform aerial acrobatics while feeding on flower nectar. But why do hummingbirds hover, and how does this unique ability let them eat lunch on the wing? In this blog post, we

What Are The Different Types Of Hummingbirds In Ohio - Discover The 7 Species

What Are The Different Types Of Hummingbirds In Ohio? Discover The 7 Species

When most people think of hummingbirds, the ruby-throated hummingbird likely comes to mind first. With its bright red throat and rapid wing beats, this species is the most widespread and commonly seen hummingbird across much of eastern North America. But did you know that Ohio

Are Hummingbirds Territorial-Custom dimensions 1200x800 px

Are Hummingbirds Territorial? Discover Why These Tiny Birds Fight

In this blog post, we’re going to explore a fascinating aspect of hummingbird behavior: their territorial nature. But first, have you ever noticed a hummingbird fiercely chasing others away from a feeder or a flower? It’s a common sight, but what drives this feisty behavior?

When Do Hummingbirds Leave Missouri - Custom dimensions 1200x800 px

When Do Hummingbirds Leave Missouri? A Guide to Their Seasonal Migration

Have you ever been mesmerised by the delicate beauty of hummingbirds fluttering around your garden in Missouri? These tiny, vibrant birds bring a touch of magic wherever they go. But as summer turns to fall, you might start wondering, “When do hummingbirds leave Missouri?” Let’s