About Me – Sam Olusanya


I’m Sam Olusanya, an IT professional and a passionate bird watcher by heart. Despite being deeply entrenched in the world of cybersecurity and blockchain technology, my true passion has always taken flight in the company of birds.

While my work in IT helps me stay at the forefront of digital innovations, it was the allure of nature, the thrill of spotting an elusive bird species, that truly ignited my spirit. An avid traveller, I’ve explored diverse cultures and landscapes, but my heart always found solace in the tranquillity of my own garden, with the symphony of birds providing the perfect soundtrack.

In 2022, my fascination with garden birds, particularly the enchanting hummingbirds, prompted the inception of HomeBirdFeeder.com. This wasn’t just another venture for me; it was an outlet for my passion, an opportunity to immerse others in the joy of bird watching and conservation. It was a way to share the captivating world of birds with a broader audience, educating and inspiring individuals to appreciate these feathered marvels as much as I do.

Sam Olusanya

Sure, I love the adrenaline of a good car chase in a video game or the intellectual challenge of fostering growth in the online business sphere. But the simple pleasure of sitting in my garden and waiting for the flash of colour as birds hover in front of a feeder, that is where I find true fulfilment. It’s this passion that drives HomeBirdFeeder.com.

Beyond just observing birds, I realized I could make a difference. My love for nature extended to my community efforts, supporting orphanages and promoting compassion in our digital age. I believe that through HomeBirdFeeder.com, I can not only feed my passion but also make a tangible impact on bird conservation.

So here I am, the IT professional with a heart that beats to the rhythm of flapping wings, inviting you to join me in my journey of celebrating the avian wonders of our world through HomeBirdFeeder.com. Together, let’s enjoy the sheer joy of bird watching and play our part in conserving these magnificent creatures.

Welcome aboard, fellow bird lovers!