Are there Hummingbirds in Alexandria, Virginia?

Are there Hummingbirds in Alexandria, Virginia?

One of the common questions for hummingbird bird lovers is whether hummingbirds can be found in Alexandria, Virginia. The answer is Yes; there are hummingbirds in Alexandria, Virginia.  More specifically, you will frequently encounter the Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris), the only species known to breed

Are There Hummingbirds in Anchorage, Alaska dimensions 1200x800 px

Are there Hummingbirds in Anchorage, Alaska?

An often-asked question by bird watchers in Anchorage, Alaska, is whether hummingbirds can be found in the area. The simple answer is, Yes; hummingbirds are found in Anchorage, Alaska, most commonly the Rufous Hummingbird. Known for their extraordinary migration pattern, these birds can be seen

Are there hummingbirds in Albuquerque - dimensions 1200x800 px

Are there Hummingbirds in Albuquerque?

Yes, there are hummingbirds in Albuquerque. The city is a hotspot for numerous species of these fascinating creatures, including the Rufous hummingbird, Violet-Crowned Hummingbird, Broad-Tailed Hummingbird and many more. These species are frequent visitors to gardens and backyards in the area, especially during the summer

Are There Hummingbirds in Arizona - dimensions 1200x800 px

Are There Hummingbirds in Arizona?

Yes, there are indeed hummingbirds in Arizona! This state hosts an impressive range of hummingbird species, from the vibrant Rufous Hummingbird to the sleek Black-Chinned Hummingbird and the intriguing Broad-Tailed Hummingbird. With their bright, jewel-like colours and ceaseless energy, these birds are a sight to

Are there Hummingbirds in Alberta - dimensions 1200x800 px

Are there Hummingbirds in Alberta?

Yes, there are hummingbirds in Alberta. Three primary species of these fascinating birds are found in this region: Rufous Hummingbirds, Calliope Hummingbirds, and Black-chinned Hummingbirds. These species typically migrate to Alberta for the breeding season after spending their winter in warmer locales such as Central

How To Stop A Hummingbird Feeder From Leaking

It’s always a worry when your hummingbird feeder begins to leak – not only does it look unsightly, but it can also be dangerous for the birds. Here are a few tips to stop a hummingbird feeder from leaking, so you can continue to enjoy

What Are Hummingbirds? An In-Depth Look at These Tiny Wonders

Hummingbirds are some of the most unique and fascinating creatures on the planet. With their bright colours and ability to hover, they are a sight to behold! But what exactly are hummingbirds, and what makes them so special? In this article, we will explore all